DIY Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Grey and Brown Natural 3.5 Inch Wide – Priced Per Square Foot


  • Like all our products, made from authentic reclaimed barn wood and shades of Brown and Grey.
  • The color mix will be approximately 50% Brown Reclaimed Wood and 50% Grey Reclaimed Wood
  • All our wood is barn wood and real reclaimed wood that is usually about 100 years old.
  • This version is shades of brown and grey that we have lightly sanded to remove most splinters, however its still a very natural look and feel.
  • Perfect for the Do It Yourselfer! Does require either glue or nails to install.
  • Each unit contains product for 1 square foot of material. So if you need 50 square feet of product, then you should order 50 units.
  • Come in a mixed length from 6″- 36″ and are all 3 1/2″ wide and they are slightly less than 1/2″ thick.
  • When you order they will be like flooring, all the same thickness and width, so you lay them out, get a feel of the look, shuffle around a bit and then install them.
  • We usually suggest that you order an additional 5-10% extra for cuttings and waste when ordering.
  • Don't forget to add your trim to complete the total finished look!

The photo that you are seeing is our standard color range of product. As this is authentic reclaimed wood, the colors will vary depending on the age, sun exposure and other factors. Each piece has been very lightly sanded, just enough to remove the loose and sharp splinters and give a nice feel to the wood.  You will get 50% shades of grey and 50% shades of brown.
The product will come like a flooring, where you will take individual lengths and lay them out first deciding on the look and color. For installation we recommend either a commercial adhesive like liquid nails and/or nailing. Liquid nails works well, but if you add a nail you won’t need to hold the pieces as long. Placing a bead of glue and apply using a wave pattern on the back of each. As you place on the wall, firmly pushing and a little twist will level out the glue. Every other row you could optionally nail through the edge into the wood studs for added support with a finish nail.
This product is a Finished Wood Decorative Wall Covering

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