About Us

East Coast Rustic Inc. started out in 2014 as a small father and son company designing authentic reclaimed wood products to the North American market.  As we continued to produce an authentic, high-yield, high-quality product, demand skyrocketed and we have now grown to a national company selling to some of the most respected companies and brands.  We continue to operate as a small company, providing superior customer service and a high quality of product.  If you call our customer service or email, you will talk to Rob and only Rob.

Still, to this date, all of our final goods that leave our facility are hand packed and inspected my Mike the owner to ensure only products that meet our high-quality level are sold to our customers.

Our products have been featured on a number of home improvement shows including the Ellen DeGeneres Show and installed in corporate facilities like Wow Café and Starbucks.

 Why Choose East Coast Rustic for your Barn Wood Needs?

· Authentic Reclaimed Wood.  All of our products are made out of genuine reclaimed wood usually about 100 plus years old.  There are companies out there using pallet wood, taking new wood and “distressing” it and other ways to make it appear rustic.  We remain true to our company values of only offering authentic reclaimed wood.  There are no short cuts in our wood.  They don’t make a lot of 100-year-old barns anymore, so we search the country to use only authentic reclaimed wood.

· High Product Yield – Our products are consistent in thickness and widths so this makes for a quicker and easy installation.  If you’re a contractor or paying someone by the hour to install, you want a product that is consistent and easy to go on.  It will save you money in labor and hours to install.

· Customer Service – We are here to help.  If you have installation questions, design questions or just want to chat, we are available.  Not sure how to finish an area or cut around a corner, call us and chat with Mike.

· Design Firms and Contractors Trust Us – When you are under tight time deadlines, products need to be delivered on time and adhere to the quality expected.  We have many designers and commercial clients who trust us to help build out their facilities.

· Thousands of Others Do – Have a look at our customer portfolio and you can see what others have done and might inspire you as well.

· Easy to Install – Most customers will use either nails or glue or both, either one will work just fine.  For more details click here for our installation guide.

If you have any questions please check our FAQ’s.  If that doesn’t solve your questions, please mail or call us toll free and we can help!