Welcome to East Coast Rustic, your destination for authentic reclaimed wood wall coverings (and a few other products).  We produce high quality real reclaimed wood paneling for your home or commercial space. No matter if you are putting a feature wall in your living room, kitchen, bar or restaurant, we have the quality, consistency and product thickness for ideal DIY installation.  Be sure to look at our customer photos for inspiration.  We offer shades of brown or gray in a variety of widths.

You have worked hard for your home.  It is full of treasures and memories.  Creating a reclaimed wood wall is not just about decoration, it is about imagination and story telling.  Each piece of our wood has a history usually of over 100 years in the making.  While we don’t know the exact history of each board, we can imagine by looking at the wood.  The square nail holes, the axe cuts, planer markings and sometimes even names are carved into boards.  Imagine the North American men and women using their hands to create buildings for their family that would have taken weeks to build.  Entire communities coming together to build a barn, not because they were paid, but because they were a community.  Continue telling new stories in your house with our authentic reclaimed wood products.

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