Frequently asked questions

We think or wood is awesome and we have been selling lots to customers along the way for all kinds of uses.  We have put together a bit of a list of all the common questions we usually get asked over the past couple of years.  Now I’m sure this won’t answer al the questions, however hopefully it should cover a bunch.  If you have questions we have not answered, please email us and we can get back to you.

Common Uses

Here is a list of some common ways clients have used our products.  Be sure to check out the portfolio as well for customer photos.  Client use our products on staircase walls, kids rooms, bars, garages, living rooms, restaurants, kitchen, backsplashes bathrooms and much more!

Ways Not to Use It

We would not suggest to use it for butcher blocks or flooring.

Do You Have Samples?

Yes.  We have sample boxes of our products available for purchase including the shipping.  Remember these are samples of our product.  You will get the look, feel, width and thickness, but the colors and shades will vary since this is real reclaimed wood.  Every piece is different since it comes from various barns and structures, used in different places in the building, and all tell a different story.

Can You Use It Outside?

The natural versions will get wet and dry out naturally. The sealed versions will offer some protection from water but we would suggest using our natural version and applying a clear exterior water-repellent like Thompsons Water Seal.

How Do You Install?

Click here to download our instruction guide in PDF.  Our product comes in various lengths and depending on what product you order different or the same widths.  The wood goes up depending on how you’d like it too.  You will receive a box of product with different lengths and shades.  We suggest you lay out the product on the floor and spread it out to see the various lengths shades and move them around to your preference.  When you are ready to put them on the surface, we recommend either a commercial adhesive like liquid nails and/or nailing. Liquid nails construction adhesive works well, but if you add a nail you won’t need to hold the pieces as long. Placing a bead of glue and apply using a wave pattern on the back of each. As you place on the wall, firmly pushing and a little twist will level out the glue. Every other row you could optionally nail through the edge into the wood studs for added support with a finish nail.

What about Bugs or Termites?

Our wood has not been treated, however is all sourced from the north east coast area, where it is too cold for those types of bugs to survive.

Can I Use It In A Bathroom?

Yes you can, however it is still wood.  If you are going to get splashes on it, you might want to take our natural version and apply a few coats of a sealer first to make it more water resistant.  Always make sure you test in an area first.

What is your return/refund policy?

We want our customers to be happy.  If you receive anything that is damaged, please contact us immediately so we can make it right!  Any returns due to our error we will cover return shipping.  Any returns for changing your mind and other reasons that are not our fault, we will accept, however you are responsible for the return shipping costs.  All returns require prior approval and must be accompanied by proper Return Authorization documents to assure credit. Please contact customer service within 30 days of receipt to process returns.  A 10% restock fee and return shipping will apply.