How to Cut Around an Electrical Outlet for a Reclaimed Wood Wall

If you are installing our reclaimed wood on a wall, chances are you are going to need to do a little cutting around an electrical outlet or two.  We have put together a few helpful tips for installing a reclaimed wood wall to make it easier.

  1. Be sure to locate the circuit breaker or fuse for the outlet and make sure you turn it off.
  2. Loosen the screws that hold the switch or outlet into the wall.  Unscrew them enough for the wood to slide under the device.
  3. Use a jig saw to cut a notch to fit the screw and then apply the board to the wall.  A small saw should do the trick.
  4. Re-tighten the screws to bring it tight on the board again.

In come cases, you may need to replace the screw with a longer one which you can pick up at any hardware store or online.

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