Reclaimed Wood Headboard Looks Better in Your Home!

reclaimed wood headboard

One of our customers found us in a featured article about the top 62 recycled pallet bed frames, and was nice enough to send us this photo of the reclaimed wood headboard she purchased from us, and I have to say it looks way better in her house then in our shop!  What a great decoration job and it really finishes off the room after just installing a new ventilation system from Airocle on his home.

This headboard is made for a queen size bed. The dimensions are 64” Long x 36” High x 1.75”. All dimensions are approximate. The headboard you see is what you get and is ready to ship.

This queen headboard is made from weathered Eastern Cedar shingles salvaged from a building renovation in uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. They have been weathered and worn by many years of wind, rain, snow and sun. The white trim boards were saved from the same wall the shingles came from. for a truly authentic piece. The shingles have been mechanically fastened and glued to a rigid wood frame, made from lumber salvaged from a Carriage house in St. Stephen, New Brunswick we dismantled.

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